Provide an "Order by field" option for breakouts

Ordering breakout by a specified field would be very helpful in comparing similar questions within a dashboard such as the following two questions written in native sql:

Currently breakouts are ordered according to the sql’s order by statement. By necessity the first question is ordered by price category and the second by numerical code (e.g. product codes). Breakouts consequently order differently in the two questions with unexpected results making them difficult to understand and prone to misinterpretation.

Custom formatting via visualization settings is not an option in this case as both codes and breakouts vary substantially, for example, from one year to the next. Unless someone can suggest a workaround, for the time being, the only apparent solution is to forego comparing questions ordered differently. Pity such compelling comparisons must be set aside.

Upvote GitHub Issue #2339 to indicate interest in this proposal. Although garnering only a couple votes since 2016 recent comments indicate it is an ongoing issue (recent posters seem unaware of the importance of upvotes in prioritizing development). Surely this is an improvement affecting a great many users and deserves a bit of an upvote boost!