Public link URL changes unexpectedly

Greetings Metabase team, (metabase v0.33.3)

In my application i am distributing public links to my clients for local read only access to select reports. Clients have in turn created shortcuts on their Windows desktop (the Metabase PC) for access to these.

Now I have a new release to distribute (new reports, but prior “public” reports have not changed.

The behavior is that the prior public reports are no longer set to sharing, and most importantly, the URL for these has changed. Is it possible to lock down the links to publicly shared reports?


I am also getting this issue

Hi @crwheelr
So you’re saying that an upgrade to 0.33.3 from a previous version (which version?) has changed all the dashboards/questions public sharing from ON to OFF?

When public sharing is reset, then the unique ID will change.
Public sharing is always read-only, since the user does not login.

the reversion of a report designated as public (with associated URL) lost its designation as public when traversing from 0.33.2 to 0.33.3.

Do you think it might be possible for the MB dev team to avoid this in the future? What it will mean for your customers is that they will have to republish all public links to their customers every time there is a new MB release. This will sway your customers never to update Metabase.


I have never seen a reported issue of Metabase loosing the Public Sharing setting of dashboard/question, when upgrading.
And I have tried to reproduce without success.
I’m guessing it has something to do with what happened in Transferring public reports to prod


The link to MB for me is never changed. always localhost:3000 the default. My above statement of this occurring between 33.2 and 32.3 was estimated by me because i had only one public report when working within 33.2, and created many more public reports on 33.3. As you are aware, i copy the entire MB database from dev to prod. so basically dev = prod. i use account restrictions for prod customers.

Thanks for trying to reproduce. Lets just put this one on hold. If I get a recurrence, i will have something more definitive regarding the entry conditions that cause a public report to switch back to not public.



I reconfirmed this issue of public report links getting reassigned upon a change in Metabase version. Most recently, this occured between 33.3 and 33.5. I have some 16 public reports that i distributed links to clients. all public links now inoperative, and i can see new link address in the admin public links page… Is there any chance this can be prioritized?

Thanks as always,

Without exact steps to reproduce, then I have no idea what’s going on.
No one else has reported this ever, and considering how many thousands of installations running Metabase and upgrading without any problems, I’m fairly sure this is specific to how you’re using Metabase.

My apologies. i developed a python script to substitute the server’s ip address for “localhost” and create shortcuts for external requests, and there was a single character bug in it. again, apologies.

On another note, would you mind to comment if there has been any recent revision work on these two areas?
1 anything done to suppress the sql code from sight on a standard user account? (this is why i am using public reports insead of the standard MB menu system, i don’t want to expose my SQL code)
2. Has there been any recent work on the question exporting tool?

Thanks Flamber.

@crwheelr Excellent. Can we not start a massive topic again, spanning many different areas?
I’ve probably linked to issues for the two questions, so you’ll see the latest information there.