Public links only working in Incognito Mode

Greetings, trying to share a card publicly and expose the csv link as well, but weirdly it works successfully in Chrome’s incognito mode but not in the normal state of either Chrome or any other browser.

In the Incognito state, the public card opens as expected and the csv/xlsx downloads as usual.

But, as I wanted to pull the data to a google sheet, it fails due to the link not working in the open environment.

Is anyone else facing the same or is there a very basic solution here that I’m overlooking?

Hi @a7s
Do you get an errors, which?
Can you have a look in the browser’s developer console, when not using incognito? Also check the Metabase log to see if any errors are generated.

Now, weirdly the .csv link has started working in public without any major action from my end.
It downloads the data in both Incognito as well as normal functioning as expected.

The sad part is that Google Sheets is still failing to identify the url and claims “Resource at url not found” when trying to pull the data through the ImportData function.

Tried some online link checkers and they say that the link is broken, but despite that, it initiates the download.

The logs show a successful public card trigger, when I try it in the browser.

Sounds like you have issues with DNS or firewall (or maybe antivirus), since the problem is random.