Public Reports link changes with each MB.jar update

Hi MB team. This is not new but i am reporting behavior running 0.34.3. In my application i have several public reports available to my audience. Issue is that each time i update the jar file, the link a new address.

This is a problem since my audience has placed these links on their desktop in a user specific fashion best suited to them. Those links become invalid after a Metabase update. Also and related, the public links enable switch reverts to Disabled after an update. Its logical that public links remain in their prior state across an update to minimize user frustration each time i update the system.


Hi @crwheelr
Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Are you saying that the UUID of the generated link for public dashboards/questions change every time you upgrade?
Those should not change - and please include link to previous report.

Hi @flamber,

I got distracted from my little project for a while but I’m back now. I wrote an inno installer for my app. Since i don’t want my clients to see the SQL queries as that is my IP. The exclusive way i am distributing the questions is via URLs and Iframe URLs. As you might imagine want to maintain UUIDs from changing upon an MB revision bump. I’ll verify this with a test case and augment this request.