Publicly-accessible Metabase instances

I run a Metabase instance for an open-source blockchain project called Helium: – our Metabase is here:

Our goal is to provide this as a public service for the community, since it is difficult to run a full node and the associated postgres database. Requires maintenance, 400GB+ in storage, lots of RAM, etc. We want more folks doing analysis of this dataset and want to make it as easy-to-access as possible. This is a public dataset so we are not concerned about security or proprietary information.

Ideally I could make our Metabase instance entirely publicly-accessible, even without signup. I don’t mean sharing each query or dashboard indvidually, which we already do – I mean actually public, maybe in a read-only kind of way.

Alternately it’d be great if folks could at least self-serve signup for an account.

Curious if others have tried something like this. I didn’t see many options related to this apart from some mention of enterprise/white-labeling features.

I’m also a developer and happy to try hacking this in myself. It’s been a long time since I touched Java, so any pointers toward places in the codebase where I should get started (or prior art) would be welcome.


Hi jamiew - this was awesome when it was up. Is it no longer public?
-- longtime helium patron and friend

It's still there and used every day:

Due to the lack of public-read-only or self-serve registration there is just some shared credentials:

pass: test123

These login data aren't available. Did change the public access ?

They opened access so everyone with a google account can login. You need a google account though.