Pull Datasource details from environment variables

I would love to be able to pull datasource URL and credentials from environment variables.

We host our app and metabase on Heroku. This would allow Herokus "attach" feature to attach a database or database user to an app (metabase), and automatically update the credentials and/or hostname any time they are updated.

I'd like to just be able to check a box that says "use environment variable" and then type in some environment variable name instead of the actual username or password or DB host.

Kind of what docker does with files and secrets?

Yeah, I suppose it's a little like that :slight_smile:
The point here isn't necessarily to hide the secrets or anything though - just to be able to define them using environment variables, because that's a more convenient way to provide them (in some cases), rather than having to enter them into the UI or use an API call to update them.