Pulse Email Visualization Panels - Crazy Making!

The pulse visualizations are among the most valuable and usable features in Metabase. The truth about my data customers is that it needs to be dead easy if they are going to pay attention to numbers on a regular basis.

It is driving me absolutely bat shit crazy because I can never tell which visualization the system will pick for the email window visualization. Sometimes it converts my table formatted question into a graph when it goes to the email visualization. That graph which shows the previous 2 days numbers is totally ineffective.

Does anyone have any wisdom here? I am begging that more control is built into pulse design so that I can pick my email window visualization. Moreover, how about letting all of the numerical formatting carry over to the pulse windows.

Any help, guidance, or commiseration would be greatly appreciated.
mark mcmillan @415.309.8494.

Hi @mark12
Sounds like you’re experiencing this issue - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post