Pulse limitation per company and number of questions allowed per pulse

Hi everyone,

I am researching on sending daily report to our clients and colleagues. The version we use is v0.36.

I wonder if there is any number limitation of pulse. Also, how many question could I include in one pulse?

By the way, I found a previous post discussing this question, but he/she use v0.20. I am not sure if there is any change of policy due to the version difference.

Thanks very much!

Hi! you're using a very very old version of Metabase. Old versions of Metabase contain not only lots of bugs, but also security issues. So please, upgrade to the latest Metabase version.

Also, in the latest Metabase version we upgraded a lot the way subscriptions (pulses) work. Regarding your questions, there's no limit

Thanks very much for your helps. We would take your suggestions into consideration.