Pulse via Email -- Remove embed in contents?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a way for a Pulse to contain just the rows/columns of the Question(s) instead of an image/link to MB? This embed does not render correctly on phones or smaller screens, and there is no scroll bar.
Is just a table with a scroll bar possible?


Hi @wrodg219
Which version of Metabase? Can you provide screenshots of how it looks? Also which phone and app?
Currently you don’t have such an option. You either need to modify the source and compile your own version, or do some manipulation of content on the mail server, or block the emails and generate your own.

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I am using v0.31.2 of MB. iPhone 7 using Microsoft Outlook.Looks like like below.
There are more columns but cant get to them (no scroll bar), and users being notified will not have access to MB.

Could you try viewing in a different app? There’s a couple of known issues with Outlook.
Doing email design is one of the most difficult things, since email clients have extremely limited CSS possibilities - and each email client behave differently too and even different versions, show things differently.
Maybe the solution would be to include XLSX attachment?

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I certainly understand, thanks for the response. I am sure I can find an adequate work around.