Pulses always being converted to tables

Hi all,
I’m trying to use pulses however my charts are always converted to tables. I’ve noticed the issue Different chart rendered in pulse from question, but it seems my charts are simple enough.

Question 1:

Question 2:

I’m using 0.34.3, those questions are in custom SQL. Any help is appreciated.


Hi @ricardo.ekm
Correct, those charts are fairly simple and should not be forced as table for a pulse.
Which database are you querying?
And can you supply the data export of those questions, so I can try to reproduce this issue? Redact names where needed.
By the way, :+1: on linking to the correct (or likely the most common) issue in regards to pulses.

Hi Flamber,
Thanks for the quick response! I’m querying Athena with Athena Driver.

Please find here the data export, this is the simplest question I’ve reproduced the issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3741g6ttv90jc8c/simple_query_result.csv?dl=0

The question row type as follows:

It seems some Metabase internal is messing with the Pulse visualization, any help is appreciated.


@ricardo.ekm Make sure you’re only returning the columns as needed, then it works as expected.
So for the row chart, make sure it’s only Empresa y SLA returned. It doesn’t work if you try to hide the columns or only select some of it.
This actually feels like another issue, but I think the one you referenced covers all of it in general.

Here’s returning all columns and displaying as a row chart, the the pulse looks like this:
And when only returning the needed columns, then the pulse looks like this:

Hi Flamber,
Thanks for all the help. I’ve managed to put the bar chart in pulses, however not the line chart.

To workaround this we developed a small project to send pulses as they’re shown and open-sourced it: https://github.com/Calindra/metabase-pulses

I believe this will be no longer necessary when Metabase unifies the render engine (server-side and client-side)

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