Pulses don't display results in Slack anymore in v0.28.0

After the upgrade to v0.28.0 the Slack alert now only shows the card saying “We were unable to display this card. Please view this card in Metabase” if there is a result to the question. It did work perfectly fine in the prior version.

The pulse setting state “Heads up - Raw data questions can only be included as email attachments”.
So, now I could attach a CSV but the pulse does not display the results in the card as before?
If this is the case, it is unfortunately quite a downgrade compared to before, now you have to open the question in Metabase instead of seeing the results directly (which is sort of the idea of the pulse in Slack).

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+1 same issue here but on 0.28.1 and only certain cards have this issue. when you click on the link to the card, it displays properly.

Guess it would help the Metabase team to fix your issue if:

  • you could narrow it down what “certain” cards mean (for example is it “Raw data questions” as @HelenM mention above?)
  • you could share error log output from when the situation happens (like “benjR” did in his issue below)

This seems related (maybe it can help in narrowing down to the issue?):

I just checked the pulse and yes it does indicate that is it a “raw data questions.” Investigating further I believe this means that there are more than 3 columns in the question. Once I took it down to 3, it worked. I will send a log later this evening.