Queries/dashboards with dynamic collections

I have a Metabase instance connected to a MongoDB database, in which I have several collections built dynamically when users trigger a reporting batch. The name of the collections depend on the user, and some input parameters. Example: <report_type><reporting_period>

The names are different, but those collections have the same structure/schema.
I would like to build a query in Metabase, that could be used for all collections. Building the same query again and again for each individual collection is of course not an option.

Is there a way to build a kind of 'template' in which the name of the collection would be a variable to be chosen by the user ? I thought that it could be done with models, but it's apparently not possible since the name of the collection is required at the beginning.

Maybe you’re in need of the serialization feature to ease the creation of questions? I don’t understand the use case, sorry