Queries keep running

None of my queries currently give a result. They are all stuck in "doing science", even the most simple ones.

Although it still worked a couple of days, I did just check my current version which shows 0.32.2 while the most recent version is

When I try to update, I am being redirected to https://www.metabase.com/start/ and it's not clear how to proceed. I am running metabase in Chrome.

Hi @Bart_Gerretse
Have a look here for instructions on how to upgrade:

It says the following about Metabase cloud:

@Bart_Gerretse You are not using Metabase Cloud. You are self-hosting.

Sorry about that. I will check with our IT department

As the queries were running until yesterday I do not expect the problem with the queries not returning any results to be related to the version. Is there anything else that can be checked?

@Bart_Gerretse Talk to your IT department to look at the Metabase logs. You should upgrade to a newer release right now, you are using a a very old version, which is missing a lot of security fixes.