Query Builder extremelly slow when delete visible colums


I have two tables with ~20 columns each, with one single join.

The join succeed and the data return is quick.

But when I edit the visible columns, each column that I delete took like more than 25 seconds, while the browser hang up.

There is the profile capture:

I'm running v0.43.3 on docker+mariadb

Thank you

Hi @mtomelin
I know we have a frontend performance issue in this area, but I've never seen this amount of hanging.
If you take an two tables in a simple join, does this problem happen on all of them, or can you narrow down the table structures that causes this problem?
I would recommend removing columns via Notebook editor for now, which should not cause hanging.

Hi Flamber.

I experienced the same issue in any DB (sql, mariadb or sqlite), in both chromium (brave) or Ms Edge.
This computer has i3 CPU with 8gb ram.

When the same query has less colums, say less than 10; the operation took just a second. But the time increases a lot with more than 20 columns in total.


@mtomelin I'm sitting with a 12 year old computer and two tables that have 26 and 28 columns, and it just takes ~1 second.
I'm going to play around with this some more, since I guess it some specific combination causing this.
Does it matter how many rows there is?