Query failure after update from 0.30.1 to 0.32.9

I have used metabase for a long while, today i found there are new features of new version seems useful, So I decide to update metabase as follows:

  1. backup metabase.db.*
  2. download new version metabase.jar from website
  3. start metabase : java -jar metabase.jar

all pages can be access, but all table or question display abnormal, error log:

I have tried some solution found by google, as disable ssl in admin–> database [Additional JDBC connection string options].
But when click “save” button, error message is shown in page as "java.sql.SQLException: Trying to connect with ssl, but ssl not enabled in the server.

similar error message in log file

Hi @floyd

Which version of MySQL server are you using?

Are you using Metabase in production? Then I would suggest that you migrate away from the H2 metadata. This also makes it much easier to see raw configuration etc.

Mysql Server version is 5.7

Yes, We are using 0.30.1 metabase in production, and with H2. Also, I tested migrate H2 database to mysql successfully tomorrow.

Okay, when you’ve migrated from H2, then have a look in database table metabase_database in the column details, and make sure there’s no ssl=true or change it to false.

it words for me!
thank you !:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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