Query for tables used in questions

I need to identify any tables that aren't currently used by any questions. There's not custom SQL questions, which makes life easier.
Looked easy - each report_card has a 'table_id', then you unfold the dataset_query to retrieve the other tables.
Problem is that this only returns the tables that are explicitly used in the queries. I also need to identify anything used in the filters or groups.

Has anyone managed to do this? It's all in there somewhere, it's just more work than I expected.

you mean field filters? what do you mean about groups?

For groups, you can create a question based upon table A, but group the results based upon a related table B even if B isn't joined in the question.

For filters, I mean both the 'WHERE' clause equivalent and the filters in the dashboard.

I just need to identify every view/table that's in use.