Query Mode Pricing


Dose Metabase costs more in query mode.
If I want to create a visualization, if I use direct query mode will be the cost?
Example: If I run a query in GCP for each run there will be a price in some dollars, like Metabase is also costing us?

Please help me out with this question.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @harsha
Metabase sends queries to your database. Metabase does not have a copy of your database to make queries against.
You can leverage caching to lower the amount of request sent to your database.

This Means Metabase does not cost money, it's totally based on our backend Dataware house right?

For example, If I connect GCP to Metabase, if I use the query mode in Metabase I will get paid by GCP not a single penny from Metabase.

@harsha I doubt that you will get paid by anyone. But yes, cost would only be on your warehouse.