Question about On-Prem upgrade from Open-Source to Pro

After a successful launch of Metabase open-source several months ago, my company has decided to upgrade to On-Prem Metabase Pro, and I have a question about the application database. Our current self-hosted version is Metabase v0.46.2 and the application database is an AWS RDS PostgreSQL instance. For the upgrade, we'll be going the Docker route since we host our applications in a K8s cluster in AWS. Now to my question: when we deploy the Pro Docker image in K8s, can we simply have that Pro Metabase instance connect to the existing RDS instance we're using for 0.46.2? Or do we first need to upgrade our current open-source instance to the latest version (0.48.3 as of this post) before we deploy the new docker image and connect it to our RDS instance?

you can just simply change the image from metabase/metabase:v0.46.2 to metabase/metabase-enterprise:v1.46.2 and that will be it.

I would STRONGLY suggest you move to metabase/metabase-enterprise:v1.46.8 at least or even move to metabase/metabase-enterprise:v1.47.13 if possible