Question Alerting/Subscription


Is there anything on the roadmap to bring subscriptions to questions? I see right now we can create alerts but we can't change filters. With this type of functionality coming to dashboards, it'd be amazing to see this for questions.


Hi @rcronin
That is what Pulses are, which Dashboard Subscriptions is replacing.
There's working being done to extend Alerts and make them more manageable.

We use pulses currently but unless I'm mistaken we can't filter those questions from the pulse level correct?

Ideally we don't want to have to create multiple questions for filtering to email / create a dashboard just to create filtered subscriptions.

@rcronin The Enterprise Edition has filtering options for Subscriptions:

I don't understand what you mean by multiple questions. Yes, using Subscriptions requires another step, but it's a lot easier to manage for most (when wanting multiple questions in a single email) and has extra functionality compared to Pulse.

What is it that you could do with a Pulse that you cannot do with a Subscription?

I'm referring pulses in how you can't add a filter when it's created. This would require either adding the question to a dashboard and using the subscription or creating multiple questions with different filters and creating a pulse for each one.

Our use case would be a report (question) needing to be sending to 50 people each with a different filter value.

@rcronin Okay, so Subscriptions has the ability to define filters. Pulses has never had that option.
And you can create multiple subscriptions easily with Subscriptions.