Question filter conditions are discarded when clicking "Explore results"

Hi team,

Is it as expected that when you click "Explore results" on a question with filters, it will discard all filter conditions? I think it should respect the filter conditions from my intuition.

What I want to do is to do some sorting on the results of a question written in SQL with filters. However I find I cannot do sorting directly on the results of the question by clicking the column title which only gives me options of column formatting. So I try another way that I can first click "Explore results" and then do sorting inside. But as "Explore results" discard all filter conditions, this way doesn't work either.

It would be great if I can directly sort by a column on the question result just by clicking the column title.


[metabase version: 0.40.2]

Hi @jiashanyao
You should upgrade to 0.40.5. Latest release is 0.41.0.

To sort directly in SQL would require that Metabase can parse the SQL. That's a lot more difficult than it sounds, specially when Metabase has to support so many different database types.

It is currently not possible to pass-thru filters from GUI to SQL: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
You would have to filter the results in GUI.

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