Question in slack showing as table not chart


I set up my Slack integration, but when I ask metabot to show me my question, which is configured as a line chart, it shows me the data in slack as a table.

How do I control this?


I checked our own instance and it seems to work as expected.

Can you give us a little more information so I can reproduce the error?

Is the question a native query (aka SQL) or built using the gui?

Can you reproduce the error using our sample dataset? That would be ideal.


The question is built using the gui. If I create a multi-series line chart with the sample dataset, it reproduces:

Orders | Created At: This Week | Count of rows by Created At (Day) and Product > Category

Makes a nice line chart in the GUI, which I then save as a saved question. Then asking Metabot to show it I get a table. If I drop the second grouping dimension (Product > Category), then I get a line chart in Slack as expected.


I got the same issue, my saved questions always show as table not chart on slack via metabot. My questions are created by builder mode, not native query.


I’m also having the same issue, is there any update regarding this?