Question in slack showing as table not chart

I set up my Slack integration, but when I ask metabot to show me my question, which is configured as a line chart, it shows me the data in slack as a table.

How do I control this?

I checked our own instance and it seems to work as expected.

Can you give us a little more information so I can reproduce the error?

Is the question a native query (aka SQL) or built using the gui?

Can you reproduce the error using our sample dataset? That would be ideal.

The question is built using the gui. If I create a multi-series line chart with the sample dataset, it reproduces:

Orders | Created At: This Week | Count of rows by Created At (Day) and Product > Category

Makes a nice line chart in the GUI, which I then save as a saved question. Then asking Metabot to show it I get a table. If I drop the second grouping dimension (Product > Category), then I get a line chart in Slack as expected.

I got the same issue, my saved questions always show as table not chart on slack via metabot. My questions are created by builder mode, not native query.

Iā€™m also having the same issue, is there any update regarding this?

Did you resolve this issue? I am still facing the same problem.

@shreyas Have a look here: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
There's work being done to make visualizations match more closely in upcoming versions, maybe 0.41

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Is this already launch?

@shreyas No, you can subscribe to the issue - when it's closed with a milestone, then you know which version it will be in.