Question last viewed at [SOLVED]

There is a filter option called “most popular”, which, I suppose, kind of tracks down the amount of accesses of each question to rank them, or something similar.

Couldn’t we use this same feature to show a “Question last viewed at” in order to help us to get rid of under-used questions, and keep our questions list clean?

(If that feature is already there, please enlighten me, I haven’t seen it yet)

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You can roll your own and display in a dashboard:

I’ve not listed that specific query, but I’m pretty sure the data is there.

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Hang on a sec. That post of yours, I took it as a suggestion of things to be implemented in the future when I first saw it. Is that data currently accessible to us?

Every bit! :grinning:

Once I’ve fiddle a bit further, I hope to be able to have a package of questions that can be copied from server to server. Just a case of finding time to do stuff that makes me no money!

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Jesus, that is amazing! Can you point me some doc on where to run those queries, so I can do my own sandbox? I have no clue about where to run them.

I just used them as custom queries to populate a table in Metabase.
First create a connection to the database (I use MySQL, Postgress would be similar, no idea about the default db).
Then copy the SQL into a new question.

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Uhhh… I use H2 to store my questions. That seems a real challenge.

Well, not so much of a challenge. You can use the default query builder when you define a new connection to the H2 file. I called mine “metadata”. Using the query builder, is is quite easy to browse through data - the H2 connection does even has some foreign keys already set up, ready to go. Some 40 tables. Pretty good stuff, I’m really happy.

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