Question not saved when results are empty

Hi I am Newbie, My question is not saved, when the results are empty, but in future I will get the result. I am getting following error:

“value may be nil, or if non-nil, value must be an array of valid results column metadata maps.”

I am using the below version: v0.32.8.

Please guide me

Hi @Kowsalya
Which database are you querying?
It was fixed in 0.32.10, so upgrade to that version.

Thanks a lot, I am querying from Big Query. Will Upgrade

Hello I am using version v0.33.4.
A query from BigQuery returning empty results is throwing the same error and I can’t save the question. This is for getting an alert. Any hints how to resolve?

Same here with BQ and version 0.35.4.

In order to make this work I change the query so it gave me some values, after that I modify it and without executing I save it. It should work.

But is an annoying bug

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Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
And please post the error returned on empty save from Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.

Here you have the bug created: Unable to save empty question from Big Query #12663,

More than happy to add more info if needed

@watollop You’re using 0.35.3 - not 0.35.4

You are right my bad!

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