Question runs on open, without waiting for user command

This is a black hole when the question is broken, and causes the query to ‘run forever’. There is no way to stop it, and no way to fix it, because it cannot be edited until it stops, which is doesn’t. “Doing Science” is no consolation …

Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
And a little more context would be helpful. Yes, questions runs automatically when opened. Perhaps you’re looking for another tool than Metabase, where you have a lot more configuration control.

@Noah You are using a very old version of Metabase then. Troubleshooting is in the top bar.

I would recommend that you backup your Metabase application database:
And then upgrade to latest release:

Replying to my own post since this issue still exists. The only work around I have found is to add an unused, but 'required' , variable that forces the user to select something before the 'question' runs. At least then the opportunity exists to view and edit the 'question' before it executes. Just in case anyone else needs a way to work around this stumbling block.

Will pass your recommendeations up to Admin. I'm just a lowly coder, dealing with the tools I am required to use. Regarding being unable to find 'Troubleshooting", I did finally find it. It seems the dropdown for the first item ( Setup ) falls into place automagically, so that is what the users eye is drawn to. Speaking of the 'users eye', your web designers need a refresher course on foreground and background contrast, symbology, and general 'friendliness'. What does an italic 'X' mean, to them, after all? 'X' marks the spot where the controls are hidden? , Which, by the way only apears after finding the 'enable editor' control, which any user familiar with a web browser recognizes as a 'full screen' toggle. Then, the right pointing arrow, that to any rational user would indicate 'collapse the controls that you finally found after randomly clicking the 'X", but in fact executes the question, in whatever state it may be in, ready or not. The big oval in the middle of the page with its own right pointing arrow is quite enough, thanks.