Question won't load

I have a set of questions in a given collection, and all work fine, except for one single question. I simply can’t acess it, nor even recover the data contained on it. It simploly won’t load, either on Chrome or Edge. Everything else is working perfectly, as usual.

Has anyone already experienced such a weird thing? I doubt anyone will be able to repredouce this on purpose.

Heya, Lucas. Could you please provide:

  1. Your browser and its version (you mentioned Chrome and Edge; which versions are you using?)
  2. Your operating system: (e.x. OS X 10, Windows XP, etc)
  3. The type of database(s) you’ve connected to Metabase: (e.x. MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, …)
  4. The version of Metabase you’re running: (e.x. 0.29.3)
  5. Metabase hosting environment: (e.x. Docker, AWS EB, the Mac app, Heroku, Linux/Ubuntu 12, etc.)
  6. Metabase’s internal database type: (H2 is the default)
  7. Repeatable steps to reproduce the issue, and any relevant error messages in the JavaScript developer’s console in your web browser, or in the server logs.
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  1. Chrome: 66.0.3359.181 (official version) 64 bits / Edge: 42.17134.1.0
  2. Windows 10
  3. MySQL
  4. Metabase 0.29.0
  5. AWS EC2, running from the jar file.
  6. default (H2)
  7. I really can’t see any way to reproduce the step. The case was such that the behavior when I accessed the logs from the admin panel was just like in any other question. And… after a while, it simpy started to work again. I understand if you say “well, about that, I can’t do nothing, since I can’t reproduce”; I just wanted to point it out here, and perhaps call the attention for something happening to anyone else. If it is just me, then, well, maybe it is a local issue, and should be concern to no one. Thanks for the ever great support.

Gotcha. Thanks for the additional info, Lucas. We’ll keep an eye out to see if anyone else runs into this issue.

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