Questions about cache configuration location and cache flushing job

Good day, how are you?

I have two questions about the Metabase cache.

  1. The configuration that is set from the UI (TTL Multiplier, Minimum query duration, etc).
    In which Metabase metadata DB table are they stored?

  2. Does the query_cache table clear its data?
    If so, how and how often does this happen?

Thank you very much

  1. normally it's in settings
  2. it's not cleared, but rather replaced by the new value once the cache expires

Thanks Luiggi!

I would like to contribute something else, we found this metabase variable mb_query_caching_max_ttl
Where the cached queries that exceed the set limit are deleted.
I find this very useful but unfortunately it cannot be set from the UI but by parameters.