Questions about licensing

Can I use Metadata in a SaaS software. I would like my clients to generate their own reports.

We also offer self hosted version of our software too.

Please confirm.

Depends on what you mean by “use Metadata in a SaaS software”. We are licensed under the AGPL, so if you can live with those requirements, feel free to do it.

If you don’t want your code to be AGPL’d, we have alternative commercial licenses.

PM or email me for more details or if you want to discuss further.

Hi Sameer,

I do not see any link to send you a pm. Can you send me a pm with cost of commercial license and I will explain in details.


If you click on sameer’s username, you should see a window with a button that says “Message.”

I have a similar question - wanted to check how much would a whitelabel license cost and posted a question as well. I don’t see an option to send a message to Sameer.