Questions and dashboards that are linked so that updating one changes many others

Hi all,

I am a new user to metabase, currently finding my feet and working out what is possible on the platform.

There is one thing that I would like some advice on - I think it is best to describe what I want to achieve and then perhaps someone could suggest if it is possible and if so the best way to do it in metabase.

The company I work for has around 15 clients currently. This will increase and is expected to double next year.

For each client I would like a Collection with multiple questions, dashboards and pulses.

The questions, dashboards and pulses need to be identical for each client with the only difference being a change in one filter which corresponds to the client name.

Firstly what is the easiest way to set this up without manually copying every question, dashboard and pulse 15 times?
Secondly is it possible to set it up so that if I modify one question, dashboard or pulse for one client it will mirror these changes for all of the other client collections?
Thirdly If I add anything like a new question to one client collection can this be added to all other client collections automatically with the only difference being the change of the filter of the client name?

Any help here would be great and save me a lot of time!!

Cheers, Finn

Hi @f-jay100
That is what Sandboxing in Enterprise Edition was created for: