Questions names in different languages

Hi there,
When different users from different countries and language needs to access the Panel, all configurations like Questions names and descriptions and Tables Headers must be in users browser language.
So, the request is to be able to give translations for each object name to be displayed for the end user.

Hi @HowToWinTheMarket

I cannot find anything asking for such a level of i18n, so you should probably create an issue:

I can understand what you’re asking for, but I think it would be difficult to create, i.e. since every series name in a question, should then have multiple names based on each language and so on.
It’s not that it’s complex, but how would you solve that in the UI without overloading it with fields?

A workaround could be to create everything in 1 language, and then use a reverse proxy to replace strings for other languages.

When we look to Metabase administrators area where we are able to define logical names to the phisical model, there is opportunity for instance to click in a icon to create a list of values (field names) with the pair text + iso 639 code. This could be the standard for all named properties. It’s simple and very ease to implement.
It’s a kind of creating a resource database managed by the users.
Based on browser language the specific resource has to be applied (if found a correspondent pair).

Just for reference: