Questions results exports randomly not working

Hi there!

I use MacOS version of Metabase (latest one) and I have been experiencing some issues regarding question results exports (both xls, csv and json).

I randomly cannot export data: no error, I have the usual “Your data have been saved” displaying but I can’t find the file on my computer.

It seems to happen with files over a certain amount of lines, but nothing “scary big”: the current results I want to export is about 7K lines.

Did you ever experienced this bug? Do you have any suggestion?

Thank for your help

I have not experienced this myself.

Looks like a few others among this search for issued labelled as Bug with words xlsx and export experience at least something related. When it happens does Logs found in in the top-right menu (if it’s also there on the MacOS version) reveal anything?

Thank you for your answer jornh!

Nothing revealed in the logs, unfortunately.
To add some information: it seems to be linked to query complexity as it only happens on queries with some LEFT or INNER JOIN. And when I limit the query results, I sometimes can export this limited result (and then have to aggregate data elsewhere).