Quickbooks report data


Appreciate your suggestions.

I am mainly working with SQLlite, but have a need to include Quickbooks report data in some Metadata reports. Quickbooks reports can be exported to csv, excel and pdf. is there any driver to read these, or the native QB files?


Hi @crwheelr
There’s no QB driver - or I haven’t seen one.
And there’s currently no CSV driver either, but there are some work-around solutions, like importing the CSV into a supported database like SQLite or Postgres.
Read more on how to do CSV importing in the bug - please don’t comment in the bug:

There’s also plenty of 3rd party connectors that extract the data in some form or other. I do a lot of work with a company that provides bespoke Crystal Reports for QuickBooks. They use QQube from https://clearify.com/ to extract the data.
I don’t know how the connectivity works, but I’m sure it could be use to import the data into something Metabase can work with.

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