Random Tables on my Database

I just started using Metabase, I've connected my database to it and saw tables that are not familiar to my database.
Tables like Account and such other tables...
why is that? why i cant see my tables?
it creates the database with random tables at first (77)
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Are you referring to the Sample Database? ... These are there for you to test the product but you can go to Admin -> Databases and delete it if you don't want it

i tried to connect my own DB to metabase
and its trying to create tables

Why is that?

Reason: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: ERROR: permission denied for schema public
metabase | Position: 78 [Failed SQL: (0) --
metabase | -- Name: activity; Type: TABLE; Schema: public; Owner: -
metabase | --
metabase |
metabase | CREATE TABLE public.activity (
metabase | id integer NOT NULL,
metabase | topic character varying(32) NOT NULL,
metabase | "timestamp" timestamp with time zone NOT NULL,
metabase | user_id integer,
metabase | model character varying(16),
metabase | model_id integer,
metabase | database_id integer,
metabase | table_id integer,
metabase | custom_id character varying(48),
metabase | details text NOT NULL
metabase | )]

That's Metabase trying to create its own database! Have you set Metabase's internal database to be your application database?

i followed the instructions on the website..
what's the right way to do this?

Read them again? :rofl:

You need a separate database for Metabase to store it's own internal database. I prefer Postgres, others use MySQL.
Create a user account with dbo/owner rights to the new database. Point Metabase at that.

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