Read only permission


I am wondering if it is possible to revoke a user's ability to create collections. I would like to allow the user to access certain reports, but without the ability to create, update, or delete data or objects in Metabase.

@Exe there is a "View" collection permission, if that's what you're looking for?

Not really, I need to remove for example



And eventually the personal user collection

You can read more about permissions at Metabase to find the right "mix" that works for you.
There are roughly two main permission "knobs", if we're talking about the end user.

  1. Data permissions
  2. Collection permissions

It seems what you're trying to achieve calls for "No self service" (Data permission) and "View" (Collection permission). That way, users in the affected group* will not be able to ask questions, nor to create new collections, rename things, etc.

It is not possible to disable/remove personal collections.

*Keep in mind that in Metabase you set the permissions to a user group, not the individual user!

If I set the group permission to 'VUE'


The users contained in the group can create collection. How can I remove this action ? As workaround, I injected css code to app.main.css to hide the button but that's not a good practice

If you set both "View" and "No self-service", such users will still see the "New" button but they can create Collection or Dashboard only in their own personal collections.


Users can always curate their personal collections, but if you think about it - they cannot do much if they were restricted from the day one. The only items they would see in their own collection is whatever some admin puts there. Otherwise, they are not able to move any of the saved questions or to create new ones.

Hence the term "No self service". They need to be "served".

Do not forget that Metabase permission model is additive! If user is a member of more than one group, the most permissive group setting will be applied.
In your scenario if GROUP1 has "View" and GROUP2 has "Curate" and a user belongs to both groups, they will be able to curate.