Recalling saved filters settings within one Dashboard

I am sure this questions exists in some form but I can not find it.

When we create a dashboard and add filters we are trying to allow end users to save or memorize settings of the dashboard without creating new dashboards. For example let’s say that I own a large Automotive dealer group with 20 locations and 2 departments in each location. I want to be able to create one consistent dashboard that everybody can see and I also want to let those same users who may be within a single department at a single location filter and Save preset filters for that dashboard. Now I know that you can edit the dashboard and save a revision with the changed filters but what I am thinking is it would be nice to have some type of drop down that would allow me to cycle through the difference slices or save filtered versions of the same dashboard. In that drop down I may have something like location 1, service department, last 7 days worth of transactions. I may have another saved version that is location 2, parts department, last 14 days worth of transactions. Instead of having to remember all of the different filter permutations each time I come to the report, it would allow me to set those filters and then save and name that combination of saved filters for easy recall. We are currently doing this by using filters outside of metabase in our web application and saving those filtered values and when a user wants to cycle through the different versions We are simply adding those filters to the end of the URL. It would be great if this was a native function within metabase because I’m guessing a lot of people like to look at the same dashboard but with various filter permutations.

Qlik and PowerBI have a similar idea - Bookmarks.
I don’t know if there’s an enhancement request for this yet, but you can do something similar by just bookmarking the page in your browser - all the filters are on the url.
Not sure how you’d share that with other users though.

Thanks! I like the name for the feature. @flamber has to be somewhere nearby ready to pounce :slight_smile:

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Hi @Slickrock22 It sounds a lot like this - or am I misunderstanding this? - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
And perhaps this too:

Andrew’s recommendation is still very valid and easy, although not “integrated” in Metabase.

Alternatively - perhaps even better workaround - create a Textbox, where you create a link to the dashboard itself with the filters defined. Depending on how many different “Saved Filters” you need, this might be a better option than browser bookmarks, since you control the Textbox content.

Thanks @flamber. I don’t think it relates to . I think it may be loosely related to but that seems a bit more complex and specific purpose driven. Interesting idea on the text box (thanks!). I think the problem with the text box is users don’t know what they want. They want to play around with the dashboard, set filters, and then snapshot everything as it is (bookmark). The play some more and snapshot that new permutation with different filters. You may find that someone has 10-20 saved permutations of the same dashboard for easy recall. Does that make sense?

@Slickrock22 Okay, that makes sense. Sounds like it will be difficult to implement something like this without complicating the UI and while still have a prominent position, so it isn’t a lot of work for an “invisible” function that almost no-one will use.

Thanks @flamber. I completely understand. I found the PowerBI explanation of how Bookmarks are used It seems like in their uservoice forum Bookmarks had a pretty strong upvote. Here is a uservoice query for PowerBI that may provide a better explanation of what I was trying to communicate and how it could be used . I also found the Qlik version of the same thing . I could not find the Qlik upvote equivalent.

@Slickrock22 I would recommend opening a feature request on it. Difference between Metabase and Microsoft PowerBI in terms of people on their team is probably a factor in the hundreds, so they can afford adding a lot of features.

@flamber Will do. Thank you for the response. Also I think we all know while they may have more butts in seats, the quality is higher here :wink:

This is how QlikView handles it (works well in the UI and takes up very little space):
You’d probably need some notion of shared vs personal bookmarks.

There's now an issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post