Receive fatal error "Metabase Server Terminated Unexpectedly" every time I open Mac app

On OSX 10.11. Started happening a few days ago, now I get the same fatal error every time I open the app. Tried restarting and re-installing, and neither worked. In the logs, I get a “Metabase: We’ve been waiting X seconds, what’s going on?” as soon as the error appears and then every second thereafter.

Not sure what to do here as I can’t even open the app, it crashes immediately. Really want to start using this with my entire team ASAP, please help! It was working great until these crashes started happening.

Do you see anything else in the logs?

The Metabase DB file is kept in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Metabase/, so it might be worth trying backing up the files there and then removing them to see if there was just something wrong with the DB file.

@camsaul Thanks for the response. Tried removing the file in that folder and opening up metabase, and I didn’t get the Server Terminated Unexpectedly error but did lose my profile and all my questions, dashboards, etc. Here are the full logs:

Having the same issue :confused:

We think we figured this out and it’s fixed in master. We’ll be releasing a new version with the fix in the next week or two.

Any progress on this? I tried all the steps above, but nothing helped.

I’m getting the same error as well on the latest version of the Mac app (0.20.1). It makes Metabase unusable after setting up dashboards, etc. Is there any update on when this will be fixed? Would rolling back to an old version, say 0.16.1, be a temporary fix?

has this been released?