Recommendation to embed metabase (for user data input)

I need to create an area for users to input data (such as device ID) so I can pull the right data to display them inside metabase. I was wondering if you all have any CMS or anything else you'd recommend to embed metabase into. Or how did you approach having data input from users?

Thank you

Why don't you use the filters for user input?

I need users to input their device ID as they get more devices so I can pull those data via api into my database and then display them with metabase.

It seems your issue is not related to Metabase. You are looking for a solution to transfer the data that users provide to the database.

no it's not a Metabase issue. I wanted to get community input on it. The customers' dashboard need to get embedded into a page on a webiste and they should be able to navigate to another page to input informatin.

I wanted to see what might other members use for that? Do they use a CMS system, did they create a react website?

@pewpew That would depend highly on where the data comes from.
Example. We use Zendesk, and have links from Metabase to locations in Zendesk, where the information can be changed.

If you don't have a place to input data, then that's your first priority before trying to visualize the data.

So you use say a table to display list of links that the customer can use?

We are using APIs to fetch data from different sensors. So when a customer gets new sensors we need them to put those sensors ID so we can fetch that sensors data (which gets displayed on Metabase). If I could avoid embedding metabase that would be great.

@pewpew I don't think we understand, but it sounds like you are using the wrong tool.

Sorry that I'm not explaining it correctly. Let me try again.

Customers are using different company sensors to get info from their warehouse, trucks, and so on. We fetch data from those sensors, push it to our database, and then Metabase pulls those data from our database and displays them via charts and graphs.

Now the customer gets a few more sensors for their fridge or warehouse and we need to pull data from those new sensors but the only way we can is if we know those sensors ID numbers.
This is where we need input data from customers. Once we get the sensors ID number we can start pulling data from push to the database, which then Metabase uses it in it's charts and graphs.

@pewpew Okay, seems like you need to create a web-form where users can input that information, which then triggers whatever script you have made that pulls the data.
So use any scripting language that you are familiar with to build that, since it has nothing to do with Metabase, so it doesn't need to be React or anything like that.

I highly recommend Appsmith for this type of thing. It makes it very easy and secure to create a simple app that does what you need.

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that's a great recommendation, thank you bambo