Recommended deployment approach

Hello, our company is currently evaluating whether to use Metabase as a production service. We have conducted stress tests using the open-source version, but the results are not ideal. We expect the system to handle 500 users without any issues, and we have aggregated some APIs, including queries for dashboard results.

Deployment details: K8S, single replica, 8 cores, 16GB RAM
Observations: Using JMeter with 100 threads, we found that the page response time is already quite slow, approximately 10 seconds. (Note: Database performance during stress testing was good.)

Could you please provide recommendations for the optimal deployment approach? For example, the ideal number of replicas and the recommended Jetty thread count.

Looking forward to your response.

You'll need to provide more details of what you're doing now. I assume you're not using the H2 database still?

Metabase have a guide with some recommendations Metabase at scale

I'd start there.

Even better: How to run Metabase in production

Thank you for the document you provided. I will conduct tests according to the suggestions in the document and contact you afterward.