Recover questions & dashboards from deleted database


I accidentally deleted the wrong database from metabase admin console. I was able to add the database with the same credentials, but I see that the questions & dashboards pointing to the older database is gone. Is there any way i can recover dashboards & questions pointing to my older database & configure them to use the newly added database? I used docker+beanstalk+postgresql to setup my metabase.

Hi @shubh2336

It would probably be easier to just revert to your Postgres backup - I’m guessing you have one.

You need to mess around with Postgres database. Maybe you can change the ID in metabase_database, and then try reverting questions and dashboards otherwise look at the table report_card and report_dashboardcard and revision.
No matter what, do a backup before you start doing anything.

Hi @flamber

Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe it’s a very stupid question, but can you tell me where can i find these tables (metabase_database, report_card, report_dashboardcard & revision)? I can psql to my postgresql db, but not sure where can i find metabase-specific tables through the docker box?

Really sorry for the stupid question, i found the metabase tables. Thanks :slight_smile: