Redshift - Set enable case sensitive TO true

Hi everyone,

Our team is working with Redshift and utilizing SUPER fields that contain JSON-like objects. To effectively query and access these fields, we need to set the enable_case_sensitive_identifier parameter to true at the cluster or connection level. Unfortunately, queries involving case-sensitive identifiers fail when this parameter is not set.

We're wondering if there's a way to configure this setting within Metabase in a installation or query level or if there's a recommended workaround to achieve case-sensitive querying for SUPER fields.

Thanks in advance for your insights.

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Are you able to pass this in the JDBC additional parameters in Admin -> Databases?

Hi Tony,

do you mean "Additional JDBC connection string options"? I don't think it can work because according to the documentation RedShift doesn't support this flag in the connection string


If that is the case then you wound need to update your settings in Redshift directly

I would like to have more details about that, I'm not sure I understand what you mean

Thank you!

What i mean is to set enable_case_sensitive_identifier at Redshift level not at connection level so every connection should by default have this as true

I'm not sure it can be done, at least I didn't find anyway to do it. I would like a reference if you know how to do it.

Never tried it but if you can get more info it would be here:

thank uyou very much! I completely forgot about this. I'll set it up. I'm sure it'll work perfect

no worries! :wink: