Redshift SQL Parameter Variable type filter

I have a sql custom query with a parameter like below. It works just fine as a text filter. I gives me the following error when I change it to a filter type. I can replicate it in a SQL GUI by replacing the value with true or false. Few of things I tried or checked is to manually convert (as per similar bug work around for postgres), play the other settings in the filter. Making it optional. Ensure the model looks right. Remove table aliases. Using an in clause but I can’t find an example so i am unsure about syntax.

where company_name = {{company_name}}
[[where company_name = {{company_name}}]]
for optional

failing the ability to search I am also using the following:
where upper(company_name) = upper({{company}})

[Amazon](500310) Invalid operation: operator does not exist: character varying = boolean

I noticed a comment were someone posted a log with the query sent to db. I cannot find that in our logs. In fact they stop a few hours ago.


Hi @michanne

The regular simple filter (text, number, date), just inserts that string/number as a replacement (text filter):
where company_name = {{company_name}} => where company_name = 'Company1'

But the Field Filter creates a lot more SQL, since it allows to select multiple companies or date ranges:
where {{company_name}} => where IN ('Company1', 'Company2')