Reduce Font Size

Hello, please how can i reduce the font size police of Metabase

you can use markdown lanuage in metabse like ## h1 ### h2

Hi @paul
I don't think I understand what you are trying to do. You can use browser zoom functionality.

I want to have a better user experience with the font size
For this I would like to know how to reduce the font size @flamber @abo123456789

@paul You would need to build your own version of Metabase, or use your browser settings to change it

Browser settings i.e. ???

@paul Use the zoom or text scaling functionality that is built into every browser. Or use browser extensions, which lets you customize the styling of any site.

@flamber I use a cloud instance
is it not possible to modify the source code directly?

@paul No, all hosted instances on Metabase Cloud uses the official release. You would have to self-host if you want to build your own version of Metabase.

@flamber The version I use is on our own aws machine. so if I'm not mistaken we are self-hosted

Hi @flamber @abo123456789 i did check
we use a self-host instance