Reducing Time Sampling

Hey, I’ve been having trouble with too much data that I need to graph. Is there any way I can filter my time values, like using using every 3rd row or even higher number of rows in between? f.e. I have a data values every few miliseconds but I need to display fewer values:

**|Laikas|Įrenginio Numeris|L12 Įtampa, V|**

** |—|---|—|**
** |2020-11-08T23:00:06.18Z|28.0|424.5|**
** |2020-11-08T23:00:16.2Z|28.0|424.5|**
** |2020-11-08T23:00:26.23Z|28.0|424.5|**
** |2020-11-08T23:00:36.24Z|28.0|424.5|**
** |2020-11-08T23:00:46.27Z|28.0|424.6|**
** |2020-11-08T23:00:56.29Z|28.0|424.6|**
** |2020-11-08T23:01:06.31Z|28.0|424.8|**
If i select a time period between more than 1 day, it just shows me the filters first day, because I guess - It’s that much data…

the graph is already truncated to 2000 rows because it’s trying to lower the row number but I guess it isn’t enough.

I guess this tool isn’t really fitted for this amount of data though but if i could reduce the used data time samples from miliseconds to once a couple minutes- then i could reduce the row number just under 2000 rows if im trying to graph between 2 days

Use a view and group by the time period you need, or use custom sql.

If it’s a one-off requirement custom sql is the best solution. If you’re going to use this a lot, create the view.

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Could you write an example how you would write the custom SQL question? that would be great help, because I’m not well versed in this language.

Not the place - there are plenty of SQL tutorials around.