Referencing saved questions

Hello everyone,

I'm stuck on a query and I ask for your help please. I have two saved questions in Metabase :
Question 1:
input = count (x)
output = 1

Question 2:
input = count (y)
output = 2

I have to do a 3rd question referencing to these two other questions such that
Question 3:
input = output(question 1)/output(question 2)
output = 1/2

I have consulted this page but I think it doesn't really answer to this specific issue because in this case, I am not referencing to a table but to a number.

Thank you in advance for your precious help!

Best regards,

Hi @youssefmimoun
That is exactly the documentation reference you want to look at.
Sounds like you want to get the rate, which you could do like this How to create a "rate" with two questions - #2 by flamber