Referring Saved Questions

I am new to metabase and need help.
I wrote a query with some distinct values in to the table, the output of the query has rows and columns with some values -
The query - WITH friends_data AS (
('John', '25', '170', 'Berlin'),
('Lincoln', '23', '175', 'Frankfurt'),
('Laila', '24', '173', 'Amsterdam',)
) AS fdt(Name, Age, Height, Location)
Select *
From friends_data
The output of this query will be with rows and columns. I saved this question and would like to use these values or refer this question for the values in another native query. How to do it ? Is it possible?

Grab the numeric id of the question and then do “select * from {{#}}”

This is the error.

select * from (#questionid) as source