Refresh clears filter

Refreshing a page causes a date filter to disappear. Date filter is embedded in URL, but then refreshing it causes the filter (but not other filters) to disappear.

Running on Bigquery
Metabase version 0.39.1

Hi @brendan
You have to provide a bit more context.
Is this a new problem? If yes, when did it start - after an upgrade - if yes, from which version?
What do you mean by refresh?
The screenshot you are showing is not embedded, so I'm not sure if I fully understand.

Sorry about that.

We have only noticed the problem this week, and we upgraded a week ago (from 0.38) but it's possible we just didn't notice.

I don't think the link will load for you but this is the link before AND after refreshing. In other words, you reload the webpage and the URL stays the same, but the date filter is no longer applied (what I was trying to show in the screenshots)

Strangely, if i click on the link in slack, the date filter appears. If i copy and paste the link, the date filter does not appear.

Is it possible that the link is just truncated when copying or pasting?

@brendan Hmmm.....there's no date filter in that URL. It's just a base64 encoded string.
So from that URL you should not see a date filter - interesting that you are seeing one.
Could you test in a different browser or at least in incognito-mode?

I can see that you're using Nginx, but do you have any cache or CDN (like Cloudflare)?
Asking because I have seen the strangest errors with some reverse-proxies:

Also, you're using - not 0.39.1