Refresh dashboard or question on external trigger


I use metabase for visualizing info dashboards at production shop floor. Sometimes workers expect a change, e.g. after finishing a production order. Than they wait and wait for the next dashboard auto-refresh.

Is there any possibility to trigger a refresh for a particular dashboard or question from outside? Maybe due to a database trigger that uses a clr to make a webservice call or something like this?

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Axel Wegener

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Embed the dashboard in an IFRAME. Use code in the host page to refresh the IFRAME on a trigger (presumably something checking the data, but whatever’s easiest in your context.)

Hello Andrew,
thanks for your quick reply.
We tried some ways of refreshing of the whole iframe, but there is a difference between iframe refresh and the metabase refresh.

When the iframe is refreshed the whole page gets white and then each question from the dashboard gets painted, one after each other. When metabase makes its internal refresh the layout of the dashboard remains visible while only the data is painted again.

The needed time on a raspberry pi is about 15s for iframe refresh and no visible delay for metabase internal refresh.

Might it be possible to include a javascript client for a messaging system like RabbitMQ? The idea is that a refresh for a particular question within a dashboard can be triggered by sending a RabbitMQ message to the web browser client.

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Axel Wegener

You don’t refresh the iframe, you set the Metabase refresh rate on the iframe’s url.


Do you have a example of what the ifame’s url looks when you add a refresh rate onto it?

#refresh=xxx where xxx is the time interval in seconds.
The documentation is a pain to search, worth spending time just going through it.

Works :grinning: