Refreshing Dashboard Changes Week Start Date

Hi -

I've been trying to utilize Snowflake's week_start parameter to simplify my native SQL queries, so I added week_start=1 to my JDBC string and tried to set it in the native SQL query console ('alter session').

But now I've run into a problem where every time I refresh my dashboard, the week start date changes on my tiles (both Simple Questions and native SQL queries).

On the left, you'll see a tile created by Simple Questions, on the right is one I created using a native SQL query.

Upon loading the dashboard, the week starts are shown as June 7 on the left and June 6 on the right:

Then June 7 on both the left and the right:

Finally, June 8 on the left and June 6 on the right.:

What's the best way to consistently get my native SQL queries to use Snowflake's week_start parameter? And why does the Simple Question tile change?

Hi @mvtemple
You are seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks, @flamber, upvoted!