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Hi All,

Currently we are running the Metabase in Production Environment, when it goes for within 5 lakhs of records without any issue we can export it to Csv. But the problem while exporting more then 8 lakhs , other users cannot access the Application. if i see the log i am getting error like "**Rollback failed handling “Communications link failure during rollback(). Transaction resolution unknown.**”.then i need to restart the service

Below are the current production setup
AWS environment
Running jar by using below env variables

Is there any suggestion to handle this situation rather then increasing the JVM memory? If a want to increase JVM what is the suggested one

And Metabase handle how many connections at a time.

Hi @sushant.naik

Just to understand correctly, I’m guessing “lakhs” = “hundred thousands” ?

Which datasource are you connecting to? Which version of Metabase.

Metabase has a hardcoded limit of 2 million 1 million rows, when doing export, but you might be hitting a data size limit ?
Are those errors coming from your database or Metabase itself?

I think there’s a database connection pool limit at 15 - there’s an issue open for having that configurable:
And there’s a environment variable MB_MAX_CONCURRENT_QUERIES, which is set to 25 by default, since Jetty allows 50 connections. Read more here:

Hi @flamber,
Thanks for the reply,
Ya its hundred thousands :slight_smile:
I am connecting to Mysql and i am in Metabase 0.31.2 version.

Errors coming from your Metabase itself.

Could you post the full log, so the entire stack trace is included?
Do you see any errors in the MySQL log, when doing the query?