REGEXP functions not supported?

all my sqls containing functions like REGEXP_REPLACE or REGEXP_SUBSTR are returning an error “function does not exist”.

Can somebody help me to shed light on this?

What’s your database? Version of Metabase?

its v0.34.1., MYSQL.

Looks like it only supports a limited subset.

'a' REGEXP 'A'

works, but the replacement doesn’t. Either a limitation of the version of MySQL we’re both using or a limitation of the driver. I’m using MySQL 5.7, but the MySQL documentation only includes your functions from version 8.
Try SELECT @@version; to see what you’re running.

I have 5.7.29.
I am not an expert, does it mean that I can update mysql to version 8 and it should work?

I’d do it on a test install first. You don’t even need to query your database, just use a query with text and no FROM clause.
I think it should work - I’m sure the SQL Queries just pass the plain text of the query.
I don’t have MySQL 8 to test here.

thanks but I am no sure I understand what you suggest.
When I do SELECT ‘Michael!’ REGEXP ‘.*’, it works.
When I do SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR(‘abc def ghi’, ‘[a-z]+’); , it does not.

So I guess testing with version 8 is the only option, right?

Looks that way. The REGEXP_SUBSTR wasn’t in the 5.7 documentation, but was in 8