Region map not displaying

Hi, i’ve been stuck in this situation for a couple of days, and can’t figure out how to solve this region map problem

I wanted to show the total calls for every district and map it in region map, the one with most calls will have more darker color

This is my sql code
count(id) as “Total calls”,
kisan.district_name as “District”,
created_on::date as “Date”,
kisan.state_name as “State”,
kisan.longitude as “longitude”,
kisan.latitude as “latitude”
FROM kisan
created_on >= ‘2018-01-01’
AND created_on <= ‘2018-12-31’
AND state_name = ‘kerala’
group by created_on, state_name, district_name, longitude, latitude

i tried it in the world map first to see is it my geoJSON of India not working or my sql code is wrong or maybe the metabase

Hi @NeedHelp
You need to specify the region identifier, when adding the map under Admin. And then your data needs to use the same identifier, which you connect in Visualization Settings.
So your data needs to have the same district names as available in the GeoJSON.


ahh maybe thats why my map won’t display anything, thank you for the help!!

Hey @flamber
My map has the identifier for postal codes, that I use to map visualization, but the map is empty, could you help me, please?


Hi @Laura.dropp
Post the URL to your GeoJSON map, so it can be reproduced.
Is the region identifier numeric or string based? Your SQL seems to return a string.
Show the visualization settings sidebar, so it is possible to see how you are mapping the fields.